i came on here to see if how i was feeling was normal after my gall bladder removel which was 10 months ago and the letter i saw was yours with exactly the same symptons as i am feeling.After a meal i need the loo after a piece of chocolate or cake i need the loo but the worst at the moment is the tiredness and no energy thats why i came on because it was worrying me what was causing it so i thought i would just see if it could be anything to do with my gall bladder removal.i was pleased to see that it seems to a normal symptom after the removal.not sure wether ive got to change my eating habits .when i first came out of hospital thought it was great because i couldnt eat a lot before i was full. but now my appetite is back to normal with me just trying to eat a bit less chocolate and crisps. I can have a good day go for a swim and 15 mins in gym then the next day i just want to sleep all day i would just love to not feel so tired. I am 64 yrs of age. thank you for your information. from guest x