I had my gallbladder removed on 3/8. I had only suffered one attack, but when I was admitted to the hospital over a year ago with pancreatitis, my doctor told me that I would have to have my galllbladder removed sooner or later. So, needless to say, after overcoming all of the pain and suffering in and out of the hospital, one gallbladder attack and boom, it needs to come out. I had the laproscopic procedure, but ended up with 6 incisions. I developed a red rash, and also a lump next to the main incision, which the doctor sliced open during a visit to the office and not expected, which ended up with an at home nurse visit due to having to pack the new incision. I now have an IR drain because of the abcess that has now been in for close to a month. I can barely eat anything and have lost more than enough weight. I am praying that this drain can be removed later this week. I understand all of stories of the pain from suffering from it so much. My main doctor actually had the nerve to yell at me to the point of bringing me to tears because I accidentally called in my pain scrip too early, but with being in and out of the dreaded er and put on so many pain meds, it was an honest mistake. On top of that, he also let me know that the er doctors don’t care, and also just give you pain meds to keep you quiet. I was told that my gallbladder was the worst that my surgeon had seen in his career, but if I could go back I would have looked at any other alternatives than having to endure the pain and complications that this so called simple surgery should not be causing. My prayers go out to all that have had to deal with any of this.