Here here adclose2003!!!! Loved your response on telling people things will not in fact always be fine and dandy after the gb surgery! If it is or was, trust me: be blessed; but for the few who endure these symptoms days, weeks, months and years, we aren’t so lucky!! For me it has been 15 years since I had the laser gb surgery and not even a week later my life has not been the same. Going on a gluten free diet doesn’t or isn’t always the answer, or dairy free or red meat free or low fat or no fat or any of these combinations together. I have done all of these. I have been gluten free for years now and my symptoms still exist, I don’t eat fast food, have all but given up dairy, I only drink water, sometimes flavored but you have to be so careful with those as well, no soda or pop, no popcorn, no chocolate, very few vegetables and fruits are tolerable anymore, especially apples. I’m not saying these don’t work for some, just not all of us. Sometimes I go weeks living on jello and water when the pain is severe and the weight drops off like crazy. I once lost during a bad episode, and this was documented by my doctor, 13 pounds in one weekend from Friday to Monday. It’s true about the sudden weight loss! I don’t eat at work on my breaks for fear that I will have to go to the bathroom in a matter of minutes and it has happened numerous times in the past. The pain is very real for some poeple and doesn’t go away after time and sometimes gets worse. Sometimes it feels like I am in childbirth labor the pains are so bad but my doc doesn’t know what to do for me anymore so I haven’t gone back in months. I also endure lethargy, or days I just want to sleep or I’m so tired I cannot function, anemia, vomiting, almost constant dizzy spells, rib pain, kidney pain, back pain, pelvic pain, loss of concentration, slurred speech, headaches, fainting spells, heart palipitations, fevers, blurred or double vision in my left eye, diarrhea all day every day and much more I haven’t listed. This has gotten progressively worse in the last 5 years and unfortunately I don’t see an end or a good one in sight unless I find the right doctor and they find out why all of this is happening but until that day I take it day to day and hope tomorrow is better than today. Sorry this became so long. If you came out of gb surgery with no long lasting effects: you’re blessed!! If you didn’t: good luck, and know there are others out there with the same problems and symptoms as you!! Take care!!