“Hi Everyone.
A friend sent me the link to this thread as I also have went through all that each of you are going through.

I had my gb removed in december of 01, and the attacks continued to get worse until about august of 07 when an ambulance had to take me up to the hospital er where I spent the entire day. They could not find anything.

Since I have already had heart failure, t hey thought that I was going into heart attack, but that isn’t what it was.

These attacks would start with me feeling so sick to my stomach, severe cramping, sweats, feeling like I was going to pass out, diarrhea, etc.. After the attack I would get chills and I would be freezing cold.

After the last attack I went to my gi and told him that something needed to be done. I already knew from ct scans that I had an enlarged liver, and enlarged bile ducts as well as something called Bilary dyskinesia. You can do a google search on this.

The doc did a procedure which is called an ercp, in which they go in through the pancreas and somehow open up the bile ducts so they can function better. I would suggest a google search on this as well.

He was hesitant to do this procedure since I had already had an episode of pancreatits after removal of the gb. But I wanted it done. I was tired of all the attacks that were basically making the year of 07 a nightmare for me!

He did the procedure, and I did go into pancreatits, however, I still have to watch what I eat, no fatty foods, no beef etc… I still get bloated if I eat more than I should.

I also have what is called a lazy stomach. It takes 143 minutes for me to digest food.

I’m not sure if this can or will help anyone, but this is all information that you all should check into.

I hope that I have managed to help at least a few of you as I had went through all the things that you guys/gals are all going through for 7 years. I have always had digestive problems since infancy. So bowel movements aren’t easy for me. I have to take somethign to move the bowels due to medications I take for other health issues.”