I to had my gall bladder removed (Feb 2006) I had to be readmitted into the hospital the day after my surgery for nausea and vomiting I was dehydrated, had to have iv and potassium my blood pressure was so high I could feel my heart beating against my bed. They told me I would feel 100% better wrong. Oh yea took me 4 hours after anyone could see me I was sick in recovery. Just before I went home they gave me coffee cream of chicken soup tapoica pudding. Just smelling food make me sick. I still don’t feel good. Still have pains on my right side and above the belly button all the way up. After the surgery I would wake up around 5:00 am with very bad pain. It still hurts to certain foods. I called the surgeon and told him that I still was hurting he just said I don’t know why. I just wish this pain would go away.