“had my surgery in August, and I am still finding it difficult to get through some days. But the most important thing I have learned is that no fat in the food means no discomfort. I have had to leave off butter and margarine in the baked potatoe, and basically I have had to carefully watch what I eat, because if I don’t I have problems and even though the pain isn’t as severe as before when I had my gallbladder, it is quite discomforting, and does cause me undo stress. I too, have the symtoms you describe, with the throat, and it is mostly when I eat something that disagrees with me. I have a hiatal hernia, and I believe this causes me to feel this way, even though the doctor said it wasn’t too big. I went to see him a week ago for a followup, and he said that the lower tract, (colon), and the hernia , and the acid reflux worked together to cause problems. Even though the gallbladder is out, I have to not eat certain foods, mainly fatty ones, or I am going to have discomfort in my chest, and it is the worst discomfort, so I have had to redesign my diet. I have lost from 162 to 133, since this has been going on, and it’s mainly because I have had to cut out a lot of foods.

You mentioned in your message about the esophagus and how it felt, and I know why mine feels this way, because of my acid reflux. Do you or are you bothered with indigestion now? I believe that gallbladder problems and acid reflux problems work side by side, and the symtoms are about the same, except, now I limit my foods so that I am not bothered with this problem too much. I take a Nexium in the morning, but it will not help me, if I eat greasy foods or spicy foods, etc. It’s hard staying away from these foods but I have had to adjust, because of the discomfort they bring. Now, I have to eat no fat foods. I eat baked potatoes, baked chicken, green beans, garden peas, and rice, and that’s about it. These foods are o.k. and do not cause me pain. I hope you find some help with your question.You are not alone with the way you feel. I wish you well.