I was diagnosed last year with nerve damage from having my gallbladder out over 7 years ago. I also have a lot of scar damage which made it worse. If I would have been diagnosed sooner, I could have gotten treatment sooner so it didn’t have to get so bad. I was prescribed the lyrica, T3, demoral, morphine, etc. Never tried the lyrica as I was scared of the side effects. The pain killers do not help. I had some steroid injections which helped for a little while. Bending over, hunching over (sit properly!), lifting things improperly all aggravate this situation. I was referred to a physiotherapist who specializes in this problem and my nerve damage is 1000 times better. I had ultrasound done on the area and aggressive massage. It was very painful but it is worth it in the end. I also have an exercise ball that I can lay on my back and stretch the area out. Instead of being in excuiating pain for hours that could get so back I would throw up and always being sore, now I can live a more normal life. I know the last thing you probably want is for someone to touch you where you are hurting and I am not going to lie, it sucks but it changed my life. I just wish that doctor’s would look at nerve damage but then that may indicate that the surgeon did something wrong I suppose. Regardless, it is important to get treatment for this as I went for years through all kinds of tests and then being told that it was in my head. Living in pain can cause one to really withdraw from life. I know that I did not want to go out very often as my nerve damage could flare up and I didn’t want to have others see me in pain as at the time I didn’t know what was wrong! Everyone, take care out there and don’t give up!