I had my gallbladder removed in 1996 laparoscopically. I have had digestive problems ever since. I have self diagnosed myself with IBS-D, as I have been to the doctor several times, but they dont really seem to help much with advice. I was also put on acid reflux medicine, which helped with the reflux, but not my stomach issues. I also have problems usually after the first meal of the day. Some days are better than others even when I eat the same things! I was doing some research online today and found a site that said you should only eat soluable fiber as your first meal of the day or on an empty stomach. Things like oatmeal, pasta, rice, potatos, french and sourdough bread. Avoid insoluable fibers as your first meal. They also recommended taking Citrucel daily. But not the sugar free version as artificial sweetners can aggrevate the situation. They said to start out with the Citrucel once per day for about two weeks, then you can work in the recommended dosage if you need to. Im going to personally try this today as I am sick and tired of being disabled due to this condition and having to be afraid on vacation or when at work if Im going to have a flare up. Also avoid caffeine, alcohol and raw veggie/fruits as these are triggers. Good Luck!”