“I had a server case of Panceatitis after having a colon resection; I was hospitalized over 5 times and ended up in ICU for a week. Long story short, I had a T-Tube installed in my liver after they removed my health gallbladder (no stones). I lived off an IV for over a month till my bile duct opened enough to get a stint in. I have had pain at the sight of the T-tube for over 2 years. I have had multiple colonoscopies CT and MRI to find the case of the pain (no luck). They think it scar tissue, they have tried to kill the nerve in my spine No Luck, I’ve have had injection at the site, NO Luck.

I like most of you have had a harder time digesting food, lot of heartburn and bloating. My pain management DR. wants my surgeon to go in and look to see if the scar tissue has attached to something.

Anyone had any luck finding a long term fix, I’m 44 healthy male and looking to get my life back.”