Had my gb taken out August 2011. Was fine for 5 weeks. Started having constant diarrhea, bloating, shooting pain in my right ribcage area and back pain on the right side.Feels like im having a gb attack,but with no gb. Went to my GI few months later he put me on Dicyclomine 20mg. Said it would help with the “spasms” and dirrhea. So far If I am taking my medicine on a regular basis It takes the pain away.Does not help with diarrhea tho. If I stop taking it for a week or a little more the symptoms come back. The gi thinks I am having mucsle spasms due to the surgery and that I have ibs. My acid reflux recently came back so he now has me on protonix as well. Still getting really bad gas tho in my chest. Just wish all this would go away for good.