I had my gallbladder removed in 2002. I have frequent attacks still. I have found a correlation between me taking pain killers and the attacks. Even Advil or Tylenol trigger an attack–especially Tylenol. If I take a Hydrocodone, I almost immediately have an attack. I’ve told countless doctors about this and they can’t give me an reason why. I do sometimes have attacks when I’ve had no pain meds however. I have bad back and neck problems so I occassionally do have to take something for the pain. However, I usually wake up early morning with a stabbing pain in my back and rib area. I double over in a fetal position and it helps some. Sometimes the pain is so severe I scream and pull out my hair though. It defenitly compares to labor pains. I’m glad to finally hear someone else who’s attacks are triggered by pain meds. Let me know if you have found out anything more about this.