“Hi ,
My daughter had Gallbladder removal surgery 1 month after a hard delivery of her first baby. She had preclempsea and had to deliver her baby 2 months early. Everything turn out fine with the baby Thank God. She had complications after a c-section some clots in her stomach so had to have a small cut in her stomach to heal inside out. She had her Gallbladder out 1 month later and 1 year later, like you said her stomach is still bloated and she gets cramps every time she eats. The doctors tell you that you must get it out but don’t tell you whats going to happen after. My daugher is only 24 and she sounds like me. Anything she eats shes in the bathroom 10 minutes later. You would think she would lose weight. She also has low thyroid. I’m probably no help but I think it may be the fat contents in foods. Your not alone.

Thanks for listening

Sue and Steph”