“To know i am not the only makes me feel a little better, but i just got so depressed reading everyone’s stories/
I had my Galbladder removed on 8/11/11. It was an emergency procdure. before the surgury i was doing weight watchers and going to the gym 4 times a week, doing zumba and treadmill or elpitcal. zumba 2-3 times a week. after the surgury i am gaining. all in my stomach area. i went to weight watchers the other day and didnt lose but gained .2 lbs. not alot. but i busted my butt. My face is thinning out, my legs and arms to not my stomach. i am so frustrated. i dont know what to do.
i never was a soda drinker. and the last 2 yrs. sticking to healthy living. cheating occaisonaly/ since had it done. no beer. no cheese. no soda at all. i would have a diet coke every now and then. it water and unsweet ice tea, coffee now..
if i eat cheese i am sick for days. and i noticed i crave salt where i never ever used salt or cooked with it.

i am going to try that bile salt people are talking about.