“I had my gall bladder removed in sept 2010 after years of pain all was well till 3 days later when I was rushed back in with severe pain on my right just under my ribs. I was told it was probably a stone left behind in the bile duct so I had X-rays CT scan MRI scan blood tests and they found no reason for my pain it is one 16 months later no further on in my quest to find out what is wrong with me I am in constant pain every single day I am taking slow release Morphine slow release tramadol to keep the constant pain at a tolerable level. I also take immediate release Morphine for when the pain in so unbearable that I’m confined to bed this happens most times after eating… My DR doesn’t seem to have anymore interest in finding out what is causing the pain I feel as if the medical profession has not only let me down but have given up on me. I’m only 50 I don’t want to be in this pain anymore and to to be put on a shelf and forgotten. I had a gastric bypass in 2009 I lost loads of weight thought I had my life back but now I’m stuck indoors cos I can hardly manage to walk to far without having to sit down or just go home… I’m hoping someone out there has some answers PLEASE!

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