“I had my lapcol surgery 4 weeks ago. Everything went fine and I walked to the toilet 2.5 hours after the procedure (drugs are great!), no-one warned me abot the lack of bladder cooperation after surgery though. You just sit there and wait until your bladder decide it’s time to go 🙂 This improves after a couple of weeks.

But regarding the diet, I spoke to my surgeon and my G.P and they both said the same thing. Cut down on the foods that got me in trouble to start with! I was weighing 17 & 3/4 stone at 5’11 and now I’m down to 15 & 1/2 and still going. I can eat anything without pain but I am avoiding fatty/fried food as much as possible eventhough I have not cut them out totally! I do feel bloated if I eat a large meal but I look at this as a good thing it’s a constant reminder not to overeat almost like an alarm system. I now try to eat more often and smaller amounts, I tend to feel more full after eating than I did before so I find that I’m not eating large portions now anyway.

There is one strange side effect. If I don’t eat I get a weird spasm in my right side where the gallbladder was. It’s not very painfull but it feels very strange, makes me jump out of my seat everytime. I find eating a slice of bread cures it straight away, not sure what causes it but if I find out I’ll post it.

I just wanted to post this to let anyone who is thinking of getting the op know that it’s not always life changing for the worse. Granted it’s not long since my surgery and if anything changes I’ll let you know but so far so good. But compared to the pain I was suffering this is a massive improvement.”