“I had my gall bladder out in June 2008, and overall, I feel better. For about 8 years before the surgery, I accumulated an extra 175 pounds. No doctor could figure out my problem. Now, I have lost about 70 lbs, but still have a long way to go.

I experienced the pain, nausea and bowel changes for the first three months, then started to feel better. I changed my eating habits A LOT. I don’t eat pork or fatty meats, EASY on the salt (because it makes bloating worse), no sodas or gassy vegetables, and absolutely in no way, shape or form do I eat fried foods or dairy products. I tried eating french fries a month ago, and I felt miserable for 2 weeks. I have found that changing my eating behaviors has given me a more positive lifestyle – I’m more active, energetic and overall more positive.

I, however, certainly agree that going out to eat sucks now. I look at the menu, and I can’t have a cheeseburger or wings. It’s depressing. I did find, though, that elimination of milk, eggs, butter and yellow cheeses made a difference. Most of the time I get a grilled chicken breast with a salad. It’s an overall healthier choice.

The weight loss part is plateauing now, so I have to work a little harder, but I know it will come off. If I have to alter more, then I will.

Good Luck to Everyone!”