Hi, I had my gallbladder removed on 26 Sep 2012 and since then have suffered sharp pains and an intensely painful ache around my ribs. They have now acknowledged this as nerve damage, I am on Gabapentin and Taamadol and have only recently returned to work. A steroid injection ony numbed the area for a short while. Physiotherapy, acupuncture, rib belt and tems machine all help to relieve the pain but its still there. I’m struggling to wrk shifts and they’ve said I just need to wait till the nerves heal. I also feel this s a bigger problem than they are asking out. They’ve said Im unlucky and it’s rare. I had to make a written complaint even to get the help I have. I stay in Ayrshire, Scotland & was operated on at Crosshouse in Kilmarnock. Can other people post, to help find out the extent of this.