Well I had open gallbladder sugery mid January, no picnic here.They sent me home after a week stay and i was back in 3 days. I still had terrible pain. Couldnt eat or drink. They ran a couple of tests threw me on all the pain meds and sent me home in 2 days. Went back to Doc to get a tube removed after a week,and I told him Im still in bad shape. He told me to take mallox, so I did and it did help. I still have terrible back pain all the time ,and I dont have a clue why. I had stomach surgery 8 years ago for bad ulcers which were removed, that was a piece of cake compared to this. Since all this started ive lost 30 lbs. Not that I wanted too. I too have a family that needs mom back again.Maybe ,i hope, this takes awhile to heal with a few life and eating changes. TIPPY