“I dont smoke, i sleep plenty, not a lot of stress (I take meds also), and my diet is not “”great,”” but reasonably healthy. My cholestrol is low.

I came back to this thread becuz i’m having another attack TONITE. I know it’s not exactly the same as my gallbladder attacks – they lasted longer usually, and radiated around my shoulder to my back. (gallbladder was removed many yrs ago due to stones/attacks)

But this is mid-torso area – in the front, and just ongoing, boring, aching pain – about 20 mins after eating a meal. (just a bit below the breasts and in the middle) It just freakin ACHES. It happens quite often, and i think it’s time for me to see a gastroenterologist. I need to get my first colonoscopy anyway (over 50) – so i may as well get it all over with.

I just cant take having a (small) meal, and having to go thru this. I’m also gonna start a food diary again and see if i can figure out what makes these pains the worst. I’m sooo tired of it.

I am a young, very active, fit, vegetarian. I do not eat bad foods. I never smoked and do not drink. I am the furthest candidate for gallstones, but somehow I got them and had to have my gallbladder removed. Dr thought I would heal quickly since I am “”in phenomenal shape.””
I am still in pain 6 months after surgery and feeling what u r feeling. It boggles my mind. Would love an explantion. Need to go back to Dr too. Will make appt next wk. Pls let me know what u find out.
I do eat yogurt on occassion, but not regularly.”