Well not only did I develop bile dumping after gallbladder surgery, I ALSO GAINED 35 POUNDS IN MY UPPER STOMACH, ONLY!! I use to have a uniform shape, then all of a sudden my upper stomach was out past my breasts, NICE RIGHT? NOT! I’ve added all the vitamins, the B’s and omega fats and vitamin D, need to get that checked FOLKS, after surgery my Vitamin D levels plummeted to 9, the normal level is 22-100. The only way I found to lose weight is a high protein, low carb and low fat diet. It sucks and i’m tired of all the green stuff and chicken breasts and turkey and salads but I have lost the weight, still have the bile dumping, nothing has fixed that, the doctor prescribed questrin, I take 2 4grm packets a day, helps some. Hope this helps out there.