I am adding my name to the list of those with post cholestectomy pain. I had my gallbladder removed in 1986 and have had recurring “ghost gallbladder” pain off and on ever since. I’ve had endoscopy done and liver enzymes blood work which from time to time show elevation but no cause found. I wonder about stones being in the duct? Also often after this pain I will notice a change in the color of stool from normal to very light in color. Is this not an indicator of a stone? The pain generally begins in the right midsection and radiates to the right back and up the neck and jaw. It feels like a gripping, grinding pain that travels sometimes from right to left deep within. I generally just remain very still until it passes. There seems to be no one thing which precedes the pain as a causitive. Don’t know what good this forum is when the doctors don’t seem to know the cause or to even be concerned. I’ve been told that it was “nothing” and “it is your heart” and was put on a medicine for angina which didn’t do a thing. Had stress test done….no problem found. But the pain still recurs and I shudder when the now familiar pressure begins.