Hi my name is Jodi. There’s somethings that all Doctors do. They FORGET to tell you everything until your hospitalized for it. When they remove the Gallbladder it causes the Liver to give off more bile into our stomach. Which is maybe why some people have a nausea feeling right after eating or drinking anything. For my investigation to help me understand the gallbladder to help understand Acid Reflux, to Diverticultis, GERD, and Gastropareisis. I’ve learned some by research and a lot from my doctors have screwed up on and it’s bad when you have to go to your pets vet and ask them for amount of their time and explain this or that. THAT’S Bad. Feel Free to reply to me. Other wise I hope this gives you somewhere to start your reseach to help you and others out there with these conditions. Any comment is better then no comment; because it could be that clue of where to start to get your answer(s). Thank you for your time and I hope things are better. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Jodi