“i had gallstones for as long as i can remmeber feeling ill..
i eventually went to the doctor after massive pains in my chest
telling the doctor i had gallstones he laughed and said they dont test people under 30 for gallstones..but to make me happy he went ahead with it.

i never went back to that doctor.

after alot of putting it off and after a long couple years of severe attacks
i went thrugh with all the tests and pre op stuff..

and eventually i was in theatre
the day of my surgery could have been my last.

i was in so much pain..[my dad had previously had gallstones with no symptoms and nearly died he was in ICU for 3 months [they brought him back 3 times] :(] i thought that would be me…

after being told my surgery would take1.5 hrs and i would be out the next morning i was feeling a little better telling my family to go home and ill see them tommorow..

i had the surgery wich took a little over 4 hours they told me it woud be key hole surgery and there was a one percent chance they would have to slice me open…i begged them, not to slice me open and felt confident they wouldnt have too..i mean 1 percent comon!!

i woke up from surgery surrounded my worried family..

and the first words i heard “”they had to cut you open dear”” and i cried so hard 🙁 in my dopey morphine state..
my gallbladder was compleetly hardened with infection and had to copme out or i would have died.
the doctor later came in and told me the surgery took alot longer then he thought and that he had messed up the surgery…he was apologisoing and telling me he scared himself!! i was like WTF!! he told me that he had knocked my bowel [and that it may be perferrated] and that he accidentally grabbed my stomach instead of my gallbladder and think one of them or both might not function properly and i would have to have further surgery to correct them..i was in disbelief..and omg i had no idea of the hell i was in…

i was not aloud to eat or drink for 5 days!! i was throwing up from haveing an empty stomach and being on that drip think they pump into you all the time..SO GROSS i was throwing up the medicine and urinating i tout and everything was green and disgusting..they wouldnt let me drink or eat…i was so sick..and no one seemed to care..

i could not sleep because my drip was not put in properly and everytime i moved it would cut off and start to beep really loud..

i was soo sick…

the nurses ignored my calls after a while..

and one of the nurses [a noisy larakin man] would wake me up in the middle of the night saying “”if i have to be awake then you do too”” i was vomiting and chucking my vomit bags ont he floor and when i ask for a new one they would say fill this one up first they are expensive. :O

everything smelled so gross..

i begged to go home everyday

it was 6 days of pure hell.

i have a massive scar across my right side under my right breast its about writing pen and a half long..and crooked and wide :””(

and i have a scar above my belly button for the trial key hole surgery they didint even have to do that!!

i have severe bloating now, and am rapidly outting on weight i have out on 10 kilos in 8 months.

i feel horrid.

and the pain still persists. i feel light head and nauseated all the time..dizzy spells and have frequent urination.

i thought it was all meant to be over..

they promised me the world and all i got was hell.

im glad to get rid of the gallstone attacks..but it was a harsh journey i hope everything lays off me soon.

did anyone else go through this kind of horror?”