“Hi – I’m brand new to this forum and am SO glad to have found it.

I had my gall bladder removed 20 years ago, and for years had no digestive problems at all, although I have always been careful to stick to a low-fat diet.

About two years ago, I started feeling weird throat sensations – as if my throat were closing up, along with a feeling of fullness in my ears. No pain. No changes in any other system. I went through a battery of tests for ulcers, GERD, etc., and everything was negative. I had a repeat endoscopy about 9 months ago, and everything was still fine. So I carried on, just hoping it would go away. Increased my exercise, decreased my stress.

About two months ago, the symptoms got worse – now I’m at the point where although I wake up feeling absolutely fine every morning, but as the day wears on, my throat starts burning and my ears feel full and sometimes burn, and this lasts more or less all day. It comes and goes, but more often comes and stays.

I started a very strict diet plan yesterday, given to me by a naturopath – cooked, bland foods only, spaced three hours apart. I have done this kind of purifying diet before, and know it works, and my symptoms clear up. But it is very restrictive, and I can only stay on it for a couple of days. Then I slowly add in other foods – and eventually, at least in the past, the symptoms creep up on me.

I have an appointment with my doctor for two days from now, and think that as opposed as I am to medication, I should start taking something, because as one of you above mentioned, I, too, am worried about the long-term effects on my esophagus. (Not to mention the fact that the burning puts me in a rotten mood…)

I wish my surgeon 20 years ago – the top laparoscopic surgeon in Israel – had told me what might be in store. He probably didn’t even know, which is very bad.

Thanks for “”listening””!