Does it really get better? I had mine out a year ago and I am having all kinds of trouble. I have every test imaginable. The doctors think I am crazy and I am imagining this pain. I even had a colonoscopy. I eat lean meals, exercise but I still need to loose 80 lbs and i don’t know if that will do any good. My liver enzymes where slightly elevated and that scares me because I think it is Spinctor of the Oddi dyfunction that may be causing it. I get belchie, gas, indigestion throughout the day. I don’t eat fat and i am almost vegetarian. I stay away from gassy veggies too. My diet is so bland and I still have problems. No doctor can help me. I went a holistic approach and started to meditate and I do accupuncture. I get a right upper quandran pain where my liver is – this comes and goes. Tell me does this disappear and come back? How long have you been pain free?