i’ ve been scrollin down all your letters. andy, yours caught my attention. my dad had his gallbadder removed about 4 years ago and been in pain ever since. he has been to so many doctors all the tests come back normal. they tell him he should glad that all his tests results are negative,they just don’t care what this is doing to his quility of life. like you his pain comes most of the time from food. the pain is very bad but subsides as quickly as it comes on.after, a flare up it leaves him very weak and tired.we have tried to change his diet but nothing helps. BUT reading all your comments has helped just knowing we’re not alone and i’ve wrote down alot of suggestions to ask the doctor about.andy, my dad is very active and retiring at the end of the year. i can only imagine how hard this for you at such a young age and your young family.hang in there! if we find anything for our dad we will post it to help all your suffering.thanks for listening.