“I had my gall bladder removed in December, 2010. The first 6 months were fine, but after that, I started to get pain under my right ribcage, up high, which is only relieved when do stretching exercises.

I was told by my surgeon that it could take a very long time for my liver to completely heal on the inside from the trauma of having the gall bladder removed and even though my exterior was healed, to treat my interior gently. I have a hard time believing that such healing would take 2 years?

I wear underwire bras, and I can’t wear a bra all day since it puts pressure directly on the spot that gives me pain when I sit down. Now, two years later, I’ve gained around 35 lbs, and have a hard mass in my upper abdomen. Unfortunately for me, the best I can do for myself is research, as I am unemployed, and have no health insurance. I don’t qualify for medicaid as I make “”too much”” on unemployment. So going back to a doctor is out for me.

I’ve modified my diet to easily digested foods, and have opted to eat foods that are recommended for the treatment of a hiatal hernia. I may have one – I may not. Who knows? I certainly won’t know until I can get health insurance, but my symptoms tell me I do. Acid reflux, pain in back, and the hard mass in my upper ab.

The pain in my right side just won’t go away, though. It’s okay in the mornings and afternoons as long as I don’t sit a lot. If I’m driving or I find I’m sitting for long periods, I wind up in agony during the evenings. The only thing I can think is that there is too much pressure on the surgical site.

My surgeon told me that the removal of an organ from the body makes room for the other organs to shift. This sounds like it could lead to many complications and I’m wondering if this pain and the hiatal hernia symptoms aren’t a part of that “”shiftin.”” Anyone have any advice (that doesn’t include “”go to a doctor”” since I have no money, insurance or medicaid)?

Stretching DOES help. I hang off the side of my bed to stretch my abs out every night. It truly helps with the pain – but let’s face it – when I finally get a job and go back to work, I doubt I’ll be able to stretch my abs out that way! 🙂

I’m 51, never had health issues, and until now, never had a belly. Now I look 5 months pregnant. I’d really like it to go away (without giving birth! hahaha!)

Any takers on this one?”