On March 7th 2013 had my gall bladder removed gave me some discomfort and an ultra sound confirmed it was gallstones so it was advised to remove this before it gave me more troubles. I did have hard stools dark in color before and it was hard passing bowel movements and some times had diarrhea too. Its now been a month April 10th, 2013 and I now have looser stools that felt like diarrhea when passing. I go 3-4 times a day and its lighter in color. I started my cycle the day of my surgery to happen go figure, but was told it was ok to go through it. Now I have not started yet a month later. I had symptoms of menopause already so maybe this helped it along. I sneezed and pulled a muscle that hurts by the belly button. My doctor gave me clean bill of health, but told me I may have a small hernia to take it easy. However today the area is still sore and has a redden area around it. Will give a few days.Hope it heals. First and last surgery for me. Hope this helps some. I feel low temp fevers too 99.2 with chills. Before and after surgery off and on.