I recently had my gallbladder removed in May, and i am 17 yrs old. i had bad pain in my side, and we went thru months of testing and problemshooting. At one point we suspected it to be cancer, and the only thing that told us it was my gallbladder was the EFI test. My gallbladder was only putting out 12%, and i was looking forward to feeling better with it being out. Months later i still wake up in the middle of the night with insanely bad stomach aches, ones that feel like uve been kicked in the diaphragm. Usually i cant eat anything for a few hours in the morning, and i usually get stomach aches then too. I found that my appetite has been cut in half, and certain things just make me miserably sick. Iv lost weight and fell out of love with food as well. What seems to have been helping me along is carrying around pepto bismuth or bismol tablets that i can easily pop in and chew on before or after meals to ensure i dont have to rush to the bathroom after. My question is if anyone else gets the stomach aches, and who has them to the severity that i do? And if anyone does, what they do to counteract or cope with them.