“I had gall bladder surgery in 1991. I weighed between 105 and 110 my entire life – I am 5’2” female and had five children. I never had a weight problem ever in my life.

Once the surgery was over and things settled down (approx. 6 weeks) the weight gain began. I gained 30 lbs in 1 year and no matter how hard I try with diet or exercise – and believe me, I do try – the extra weight won’t budge. I am 60 yrs. old now and still active and I eat low carb and healthy with lost of veggies and fruits – I do not drink soda.

I have always eaten a healthy diet and am not a carboholic and rarely if ever eat sweets. I have maintained my present weight for 20 years – and am NOT happy at my present weight even though most people don’t think I am ‘THAT’ heavy – but to me – I AM HEAVY.

Don’t believe ANYONE who tells you there will NOT be weight gain after gall bladder surgery. I don’t know anyone who has had this surgery who has not or is not battling their weight and most without success. :0(”