“I will tell you. Even after my gallbladder removal, when I get stressed or overtired, my sides and stomach swell up so much nothing buttons.

I have found some inexpensive forms of relief on my own, after much searching and expensive homeopathic meds. If I am going out or doing something where I really don’t want to swell, before I take a bite of food, as they say “”Beano, first.”” It truly works. Mostly I take one tablet, but you can take as many as three. I have also found that symethicone gas tablets after I eat, help so that you don’t bloat.

I have really been pleased with this. Finally, I can eat. I have allergies to wheat, and the whole shebang of normal grain products and I also must drink ONLY lactaid milk. I drink fat free acidophilous milk. It is expensive, but worth it. I can have whole wheat bread, like for breakfast with the Beano.

I adore cola drinks. I have not been buying it. It is not easy to do, but I lost 5 pounds in a month without it. I am also hypoglycemic and if I really feel bad, a regular cola is a fast help. But a glucose tab is better, but not as much fun.

Be well. It is a long journey and you must find your own wellness way.

But, I don’t know medically, but I believe gallbladder sufferers also have allergies to grain products and regular milk. Good luck in looking gorgeous, taking care of yourself and stopping that blasted pain.

I have had breast cancer. Treated, thank heavens, but there is always pain in that breast.

Probably, the same with the gallbladder. It almost seems like a phantom pain.

If there is no real problem and you have been checked by a good physician for these terrible inconveniences, you have to learn to live and work with them. Find what you can eat and not eat. In public, to feel well, only eat what does not bloat and cause pain.

Signed, one of the people who keep on keeping on, katiebrightblue”