“I’m beginning to think we-the-gallbladderless-and-unable-to-eat-fat are not so rare 🙂 I have a host of digestive issues – IBS, chronic pain, GURD – and I am only 27!

My GB was removed a year ago, and I still have stabbing pain, gas, cramping etc. when I eat rich food. I’ve had a lot of houseguests in the last month, and they always want to go out to eat ( I live in San Francisco, and the cuisine is phenomenal.) So I’ve been wincing along for the last few weeks, eating tartines and quiches and all things tasty, but deeply regretting it later.

The way I feel best: eating very low fat food, in small amounts, every two hours or so. Think snacks rather then meals. If the pain is overwhelming, you might consider getting checked out for stones in the bile duct, problems with the sphincter of the odi (a weird little valve before your colon), colon / bowel issues… there are a lot of organs involved in digestion, and any of them could be the culprit of your continued discomfort. You might consider getting a check-up 🙂