“I myself had my gallbladder removed just over 4 years ago after multiple attacks over a 9 month period. I eventually went on instinct to get it removed and discovered that it was the best decision not to try the homoeopathic route for removing gallstones (lemon juice, apples and olive oil) since the lab test on the removed gallbladder showed it was very inflamed.

Similar to everyone else, since I had it removed i have gained about 35lbs and have been struggling to get it off with various methods and diets. I have also since been diagnosed with IBS and the GERD which was originally experienced before i had my gallbladder removed and assumed it was just due to the gallstones.

However during all of my online research, there is one website which I haven’t seen anyone mention on this forum which is called

which has a wealth of knowledge and products on how to handle symptoms both before and after gallstone (gallbladder) removal, the diet and the associated weight gain which most of us who have posted experience.

I haven’t been able to use the products properly – “”Weight gain after gallbladder removal kit”” since the cost is very prohibitive where I live in the Caribbean, but its around $170 US for a one month supply, and using that kit in conjunction with the suggested diet plan and recipe book I believe can bring a lot of relief to those suffering similar to myself.

Good luck all.”