Gained 29 pounds after gall bladder surgery too – female in my 40s. I ate the same as before the operation as after and am hypothyroid but I had a handle on that weight wise.I have bitten the bullet and am doing an online slimming plan but the most I lose is 21b per week but I put 41b on in 5 days after a wedding extended week-end do and it has taken me 4 weeks to get 31b of that weight off again.I think that strict dieting is the only way for me to get to a normal weight. I was one stone overweight before surgery and looking forward to getting that off after surgery.Instead I put on over 2 stone on afterwards, mostly on the top part of my abdomen and have some cellulite on my upper arms for first time ever.Doctors say eat what you like – I think don’t – follow a diet reduced in fat, sugar and carbs I think with lots of fruit and veggies and drink enough and exercise. I can still have some little treats but in my case I can forget a blow out on holidays.Weight does put pressure on the joints and exacerbate back problems which started when I was at my heaviest weight so I think that sensible dieting and strengthening the core muscles – yoga should do it, as the only way to go – no contest.Good luck with it, you are not alone.