I recently had my galbladder removed and I can say that dairy, and well just about anything really is very hard to eat. Most foods can cause pain and nasua even vomiting. My stomach is extended and sore for some reason that no doctor seems to be able to tell me about, I am not able to lay on either of my sides because it causes presure on my stomach, and i am so scared to eat i am dropping weight like no bodys business. i highly recommend if there is time to go to the health food store and look for a flush, there are things on the market that can clean your galbaldder out and stop you from having surgery, I wish to God I knew that before I had my surgery. From all the research i am doing I am starting to realize that I am going to be struggling with pain, acid refulx, dirahea, and so much more for the rest of my life. I hate this.