“No offense to you, but my gallbladder issues were NOT related to my diet! I had two back to back pregnancies and the gallstones were caused from that!

I do not eat fatty, or deep fried food, or drink soft drinks! I eat very sensibly with lots of vegetables and fruit!

I now have sphincter of oddi dysfunction and biliary issues……which may have been aggravated, again, by the pregnancies and been the pain issues all along……

I too have more digestive issues now than when I had my gallbladder and have bright yellow bile diarrhea most days……it has been 2 years since my surgery and it is not “”going away””, I agree that doctors do not seem to know how much removing a gallbladder can affect someone! Better ways of treating the stones is needed…….the fact that mine was very inflamed was indicative that it needed to come out, but a lot may be avoided.”