“Hi my name is danny and i have had my gallbladder removed over a year ag.Ever since i was having very bad stomach pain it hurts mostly up top and the urge to vomitt.sometimes I do and the pain would last 30 mins to an hour and after that i would have to use the bathroom really bad and after i pass my bowels the pain would go away.I went to doctors and was daignosed with IBS.this has been going on for over a year now,forgot to mention the headaches and back pain that comes with it.this is interfering with my life,my job and i would have an IBS attack as soon as i would leave the house in the moring,this is sooo embarrising,i just went to see a new doctor last week and she said she think it an ulcer.I have no idea what i have i just wish this problem would stay out of my life.Thank u for reading my story.