I am hoping someone can help me. I am 37 yo female suffering from fibromyalgia and had just recently (March 26) had my gallbladder out. It was done laproscopically, but I had several complications afterwards during my recovery and have not been the same since. For one thing, I have dropped weight and can’t keep any weight on. I used to weigh 126lbs and felt pretty healty, but now I weigh 110lbs and struggle to keep that weight. Almost everything I eat causes some sort of discomfort and I have just started experiencing nausea after eating. I also have IBS which complicates the issue. I just am worried sick something else is wrong since I can’t keep weight on, but I also can’t eat alot anymore at all. Is this normal? Will I ever be able to eat normal again or is this a new way of life? I am now lactose intolerant to an extreme that I can’t even eat or drink lactose free foods. Even that bothers me. I need to know that this could be normal after having my gallbladder removed?? How long will this take to feel normal again if ever?? 🙁 I have tried soy milk, don’t like it, or soy products. I can’t eat any fruits or veggies and am VERY concerned I am leading a very unhealthy diet since my surgury. PLEASE can someone shed some light for me?? I feel like my life has just gone from bad to worse! HELP!