I’m 16 and I had my gallbladder removed July 31st ’08, about 5ish months ago, because it was only working 9% and was inflamed and discolored. (i didnt have stones) and still i feel nauseous just about every single day. mainly if i eat anything that has fat in it or even sometimes i just feel sick when i wake up in the morning or at night. it’s horrible! i hate it cause i’m not my normal self anymore, i always back out of going places with friends or having sleepovers because i don’t feel good or i’m afraid to eat anything. also i get acid reflux (i think that’s what it is) a lot randomly in the middle of classes and it hurts so bad i’m almost laying on the floor in pain. my surgeon warned me that even though they would remove it, it might not make me feel any better and i guess he was right. so for now i plan on sticking to a low fat diet to see if it changes the way i feel cause i’m soooo tired of feeling like i wanna throw up and die all the time.