I spent 8 mos of pain back in 1997 with every test showing normal normal normal–my surgeon finally agreed to take my gall bladder since I had a family history of problems..One week later I returned for my follow-up to be informed “oh yes your gall bladder was chronically diseased—by the way I removed a benign tumor from your liver too”…..Are you kidding me???!!! I have since spent every day of my life in pain…same area…I’ve gone to doctors and gone thru umpteen prescriptions and pain therapy—nothing has worked. I, like everyone else have the dumping syndrome—but I accept that…no problem I’ll deal with it , as long as someone can tell me what the heck this pain is still from. Sometimes I get the sweats, low-grade fever, and pain like I still had my gall bladder, sometimes it even feels like a swollen lump forms under my right lower rib….It hurts worse when I lie flat, and especially after large meals. I’ve been doing some research into chronic pancreatitis, and fear this could be my newly formed disease…Information shows it can be caused from prior gall bladder problems which can cause damage to the pancreas…Unfortunately I have very little faith in doctors since they never knew what was wrong with me before until they cut me open and actually found something. Has anyone out there developed chronic pancreatitis after gb surgery??? Any “real life” input would be greatly appreciated before I go back to doctors.