I too, suffer from Bile Reflux after my gallbladder was removed 18 months ago. I don’t seem to be getting any better. I have constant burning everywhere. I’ve tried many things but nothing seems to work.
To Brendil – I don’t have diarrhea but I do have the reflux into my throat. I have been told I have excessive bile in my stomach and it feels like it runs all through my intestinal track. I don’t know if it really is but it burns all over. I do get some right side pain and pressure also. How long did it take to notice that the Bentonite Clay was working? I have taken some but mabye not enough. I””m afraid to take the Welchol as I don’t have diarrhea and I’m afraid I will get constipated.
I’m also afraid to try a liver flush in case it makes things worse. I did not have stones or sludge, just thick bile and slight inflammation. I seem to be afraid a lot
Any other thoughts or suggestions?
Liz ”