“ive had lots of digestive problems, (understatement), had nissan surgery for reflux. taking about every drug for motility or acid, carafate, cytotec, reglan, aciphex, ect ect ect.
Nothing has really worked for me, I basically live on white rice, green beans, some boiled potatoes, a little shredded wheat cereal with rice milk. ive had trouble eating ever since taking two back to back rounds of doxyclycline, and then taking tetraclycline for H Pylor about five years ago.
Now ive got fatigue, Hypoglycemic, I have to eat every few hours, No fat at all, and even still i get the acrid taste in my mouth and stomach swells a bit.
A new doctor i just went to, ran a lot of the same tests ive had throut the years, Hydascan, xray’s, poo samples, blood work ect. the only thing wev veen able to pinpoint as unusual is the fact that my gallbladder, although it has no stones, its ejection fraction is 97 to 99 % every time. The doctor said he had never seen one do that.
Im scheduled to have it taken out next week, with the hopes that it will aleviate some of my symptomes. Ive taken lots of medications that usually will help at least some people, only it really didnt change things for me. Nothing has worke, even the nissan surgery for reflux, a computer chip in my throat said I had no acid, yet i still get sore throat, and acrid taste.
the swelling and such was going on prior to the surgery. only thing is my bathroom frequence has went up since having it. in fact the nissan surgery has really done nothing but make me feel farty allllll the time. kinda makes it hard to be social, i told one of my friends, that “”everytime you look at me i m holding in a fart LOL””, sad fact is, its true.
I didnt have digestive problems prior to taking the antibiotics, but a few days afterwards, I ended up getting a stiff neck, a tingling sensation between my shoulder blades, and an awful horrible gastritis stomach that just will not resolve itself no matter what i do.
if anyone has heard of removing a hyperactive gallbladder, please give me some advice on this, i just cant imagine how it would be if things got worse for me. and the surgery kind of scares me.
appreciate any advice, this is my first post. ”