“I have a disfuntional sphincter of oddi . I was diagnosed in about 1998. I had my gall blader removed and the pain got worse over time. I was going backwards and forward to thehospital in agony it felt like a sharp and intence pain in my chest that radiated to my back and shoulders.

It was a white tail spider bite that was a blessing in discuise. I was biten for the second time and once again reacted badly I was admitted to hospital where they were giving me codeine to relive the pain. Sudenly the pain in my chest came back aand my liver function test were comming back getting worse every test.
Finely a gasto dr was called in he looked at he test results ceased the codiene and my LFT started to go down i had a> Was booked in for a ERCP and the readings where very high
I have had it cut twice now and have only recently had a nother attac10 years has passed now.

Did you know that codeine actually makes the pain worase hence morphiene brakes down to codien in the liver and this can make the pain worse also.

If you have this pain and condition see aa specialist it can be fixed and controled with the right knowledge.”