I understand exactly what everyone is going through, I too just resently had my gallbadder removed about 4 weeks ago. I did not have any pain for two weeks and then just this past sat morning 1am woke up with stabbing pain under right ribcage where gallbladder was. Called the Dr and he ordered some labs and a Hida Scan. Had that done today and they told me that everything looked good. I went to the ER with a gallbadder attack and they sent me to a gastrologist and he said it sounded like gallbladder problems but wanted to run a scope down my throat first to rule out ulcers then if nothing was found they would do a ultrasound, well the scope found nothing and then they did the ultrasound and found stones. I was really upset about this unnecessary scope test. Anyhow now the surgen wants me to go back to this gastrologist, I told them I would just suffer with the pain. I am really wishing that I had kept my gallbladder now that I know that there are so many out there that have the same problems and the Dr’s do not know what is causing the pain. Makes me wonder how they came to be Dr’s. I am so upset that I do not know what to do now. I can not afford to be out of work and the pain radiates into the middle of my back as I do physical labor. (Dishes in a resteraunt). I am glad to have read that I am not the only one with this kind of problems.