“Thank you everyone for your information, I had my gallbladder out 3 months ago now. I had to return three times to emergency in severe agony with a very sharp and throbbing pain in my right side under the ribs. My surgeon and his team did every test they could think of and while still in pain sent me home saying there was nothing wrong with me. Max dosages of morphine did nothing for the pain, I spent days in hospital, everyone avoided me as there seemed to be nothing that could be done.
I went home with packets of morphine, but then the pharmacist said try Buscapan which is an antispasmodic, this helped, I went back to my own doctor and he gave me valium as well. If I can catch it in time, the Buscapan works, but if not I have to take some valium also. This controls it and I am hoping that the nerve and spasming will settle in time. Hope this can help someone else.
Kate :-)”