I had my gall bladder removed in 2001.. My symptoms and discomfort I had prior to the removal did not improve but rather things got worse. I had the horrible not reflux but regurgitation is what I would call it of stomach contents, worse when laying down. I could not digest fat really at all for about a year as I had alot of nausea after eating foods w fat or food of any kind really but mainly fatty foods where my worst. The dr’s dont warn you of this possible complication as it is not with everyone. Alot of people have diarreah after gb removal, I did not. I had digestive issues and bile reflux not acid reflux. It was quite horrible and was sick for a couple of years with digestive problems until finally my body adjusted to the loss of the gb. I ate many small low fat or fat free meals and took reglan (metaclopromide) and also domperidone which I had to obtain out of the usa cause we do not have it over here, it helped alot though. It does get better though I promise, it is real slow getting there. I feel for anyone whom goes through this. Give it at least a year or so and you will gradually see improvements. Good Luck!!