I had the surgery June 2006, and before I had I thought I was going to die…it was so painful, I even developed Hepititus-C (Yellow Jundis); mind I don’t take drugs and I am not a drinker, but something happened to my liver where I was not able to get the GB surgery immediately. Anyway I’m fine, but note this afteer the surgery I was prescribed Protonix (Acid Reflux) and pain medication which I did not take (Vicodine) makes me sick, and was given restrictions on the type of food to eat (Might have to do with the liver problem), maybe you should try because your body has not healed in 14 days…takes about ayear. I lost alot of weight during this time also. After the year you will find that the 3 lumpy scares will have gone down. OK, the food you should be eating right now is low acid/gas contents, scrambled eggs, chicken soups, cranberry juice, tuna, chicken (not fried-yet), no beans (cause gas), and right now everything you eat should be going right through you (A BM almost after each meal)or maybe it’s just my situation, the filtered bile from the liver is stored in the GB sac. I did have some pain too after. The body needs this time to heal itself donot try to resume your normal activities until pain eases up. The food will be a trial and error for you because we re-act to foods differently…diffinitely leave the boiled eggs and beans alone or ask your Doc about Protonix (Acid Reflux reliever). Hope all works out well for you…you’re in God’s favor.