i am on this board reading because i have had a lot of the same problems. I read one from George above and have to agree that Food has made the biggest difference for me. I have cut out all pain killers, red meat, oils and dressings, butter, alcohol, all sugar (other than fruit) and of course anything fried. I hope i can reduce my risk of another attack with the food i intake. Another HUGE thing is plenty of water and exercise to keep things moving well. my GI dr. in torrance, CA is great if anyone needs a referral and i have also been going to a Naturopathic dr. as well. I have to believe that what goes into our mouths is what triggers these attacks. i was a big wine drinker and took pain killers often for back pain, when i had the bad attack and think that must have had something to do with it. also, i had been taking antacids….leading up to my big attack and turns out i had no stomach issues. i think once the gallbladder is out, we are forever sensitive to that area being overworked….for our bodies to get rid of the toxins we put into our mouths. Another great tip is the Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, i now drink it about 3 x times a day with meals to help digest my food. i think it works. who knows. Good luck, i know first hand how scary it can be, because no dr.’s seem to realize how normal this problem is, not everyone has IBS in this world! would be great if doctors would learn to figure out the source of the problem and not suggest pills to deal with only the symptoms.