“Hello, i am 24 and had my GB removed a few years ago, i have horrible pains every so often i have no idea the cause. i tryed keeping a log of the pains, when they were, how long they lasted, what they felt like, and the time of day. after doing this for months of carrying around a note book just for this i concluded that nothing added up i did get them more in the A.M but i get them at all times, i get them if i eat, and if i dont eat. the one thing that i have noticed i always have one or a few befor i start my period, but i also get them other times too, but there will sure be one around my period. this pain that im talking about is around the area of my top incision site, hight stomach a few inches below my breast. this pain makes me hunch over no matter where i am or what i am doing i have to stop, iv had to pull the car over to many times due to this pain. some times this pain is so uful i feel as if im going to have to use the restroom, puke, and pass out at the same time. this pain interfears with my everyday life and i wish i could make it stop.
i also have another type of pain this one does not happen as often as the other but i feel like it is worse this one always happens when im sleeping, i wake up in so much pain that i always end up crying. this pain just feels like all my insides are sore thats the only way i can describe it. nothing helps or makes it better, im usally extreamly tierd when this happens and just want to go back to sleep, but if i lay down it gets worse. i just have to wait it out i usally just sit in the shower and cry.
im not sure why i have these pains and neither do the DRs so as of right now i just live with it. luckly i have a great boyfriend who was with me way befor my GB removal and he usally sits with me no matter what time it is when i get these pains. he says he feels bad bc he doesnt know what will help me, but im just glade he here. what scares me the most is that i have no children and we have been trying, i am so scared to have these pain when pregnant, could it harm my unborn child? well even if there are no answers i feel better that im not the onlyone with this problem when for so long i thought i was.
i hope everyone can find a way to be pain free.
From: K”