I went in orginally for a Bone Marrow Biopsy last September 2008. HUGE surgical mistake which lead me to lose my gall-bladder two weeks after. Now realize, I went into this with not only an A-Symp gall-bladder Pre-Surg but came in with a completely healthly one. They started to remove it Lap and ended up lacerating my hepatic portal vein and had to end up opening me up. Repaired it and continued to the removal my gall-bladder. Three days later, after crying and screaming, “”something wasn’t right””. Finally C-Scan, emergency surgery…they left two bile ducts open and I was full of Bile and Blood in my abdm. Four drains later, 6 months pass, 60 lbs down. I was reassured that with all what had been done, all had been “”fixed””. I would regain my weight, be able to get back to my normal diet and function again. (not soo much! 🙁 )

One month after my last drain was removed, I started to have this left shoulder pain, along with a larger spleen then when we started (ie. the original reason on why I went to the hospital 13 months ago). My right side, lower lobe of my lung-region is tender still. They have found fluid now located behind my spleen. Decided to check myself in at JHH and they believed that this fluid may be a result of some fluid from my liver or scarring from all those surgeries with and around my liver, PO 9 months. Ended up getting the Liver Transplant Team involved. My emezyes were 1130 and 875. Blood test showed no Hep’s were on board or any other blood diesease of the Liver. After Exploratory Lap and biopsy, they stated their not sure where the fluid is coming from. The bile ducts looked like it was healing as well as the Portal Vein.

On a pain scale of 0 to 10…I have consistantly been a 17! The left shoulder pains me when I eat certain things, yet my pancer emzem haven’t been elavated. My shoulder pain, pains me when I sneeze, cough, vomit and even at times when I take a deep breath. I vomit 97% of what I eat when I feel like eating. I was placed on TPN to force some nutrition into me for three months. I now tolerate, maybe a small bag of chips and maybe a glass of water a day and on a good day a few popciles. Hey, they say “”eat what you can keep down!””

I am now 13 months down, 4 Teams of different specilites with ZERO ANSWERS !

Anyone that doesn’t have a MD behind their name…have any input or could share their ‘similiar’ issues with their gall-bladder removal or any bile duct damage when having it removed?”